Summer Church Attendance

It’s easy to get caught up in our vacation plans and grow lazy in our church attendance and spiritual life during the summer months. However, God never goes on vacation, and we shouldn’t find excuses to take a vacation from church. Where does God rank in your family’s summer plans? Will He go with you on vacation, or will a break from school and work mean a break from God?

This summer, instead of taking a rest from your spiritual life, use the summer to grow closer to God. Be creative! Be committed! Be with Christ! Here are some ideas to continue on your journey with Christ during the summer months.

beautiful beach designed by God

Beachside’s Sunday services end in plenty of time for you to go to the beach afterward!

  1. Go to Church! Summer is a wonderful time to worship with your family. If you are vacationing, visit a church where you are.
  2. If church attendance is low, give thanks to God for those who have come. Pray for those who are absent. Even if it’s just a vacation, the lack of spiritual food may affect their walk with Christ. Pray for one another!
  3. Take advantage of the smaller crowd to build relationships. One positive side effect of lower attendance is the chance to talk more with other members you would not normally get the chance to.
  4. Make some extra phone calls and home visits; check in with members that have been absent. Keep working hard and trust God to bring people back to worship during the summer.
  5. Worship God wherever you are. If you are on vacation in the wilderness or some other remote location, take notice of God’s creation. Read Psalm 104 and appreciate the beauty of God’s design. Share in worship with those around you.
  6. Help Out! Christ was a servant to all and He wants us to be the same. Consider projects you can do to help others in your church, neighborhood and globally. Volunteer your time.
  7. Have fun! We kicked off summer with a Memorial Day Weekend Church Picnic. Now, plan to attend these other summer activities & events:
    • In June we will have a Movie Night
    • The Fellowship Meal on July 4th will feature grilled hot dogs & hamburgers
    • We’ll host a Game Night for kids (Parent’s Night Out) on July 20
    • An ocean believer’s baptism service is also being considered this summer
    • Then we’ll wrap up summer with an Ice Cream Social on Labor Day weekend

Summer is a great time to attend Beachside Baptist Church!

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”
– 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Excerpts from T. Kummer & others

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