September 20, 2020


SPEAKER: Pastor Khalil Ayoub
Luke 22:14-21; Matthew 9:9-10; Luke 18:9


Remembrance Sermon at New Smyrna Beach church

Sunday, September 20 Service – Luke 22:14-21; Matthew 9:9-10; Luke 18:9

Join us as we relate to three of the twelve disciples and participate in a communion service in remembrance of our Lord and Savior.


Why did Jesus die for you? Why did He die such a horrific death for YOU? Do you believe He DEEPLY LOVES YOU AND IS PURSUING YOU RIGHT NOW?

What sins in your life are you holding on to? What are the sins that keep you from seeing His beautiful face?

Do you truly enjoy worshiping Him and just being alone with Him? If no, why do you avoid it or not enjoy it?

Are you walking with Him? Do you enjoy Him? What do you enjoy about Him? What areas has sin or life taken away your joy from walking with Him?


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