January 23, 2024

Pastor Dakota: Prayer

SPEAKER: Pastor Dakota Stiling
Matthew 6:5-8
Topical Sermons


Sermon presented by Beachside Baptist Church

We look forward to gathering together with you again this Sunday. Last week we focused on “Love People” and what it means to truly love others in a self-sacrificial way, even those we might think don’t deserve our love. Jesus reminds us of this truth in Luke 10:25-37. We see that anyone God brings into our path is deserving of the love of Christ, even those we disagree with, dislike, or distrust. This is the gospel: that Christ loved us first even when we were enemies of God. We pray this gospel love for others will continue to emanate from our relationship with Christ into our relationships with others. Sunday morning we will study through the spiritual discipline of prayer and its profound impact on our lives. We are excited to worship with you and hope to see you there!

In Christ,
Pastor Khalil Ayoub

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