May 09, 2021

Mother’s Day 2021

SPEAKER: Pastor Khalil Ayoub
1 Samuel 1:1-28; 3:19, 1 Peter 3:3-4
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Sermon Notes:

Celebrate this wonderful holiday and honor all of our mothers. Motherhood is a difficult journey but one filled with great joy. If you were given the gift of a child, cherish that gift and thank God you were blessed to have those precious moments with your children. I know for some of you, tomorrow is a difficult day. Either you were unable to have a child of your own, or one has slipped into eternity. I pray you will still be able to thank God for the mother He gave you or for those short moments, you were able to have the joy of raising the child who is no longer here. One author said this about mothers, “no nation is ever greater than its mother, for they are the maker of men.” What a true statement, and may we reflect on the mother all of us were given from our gracious God.

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