Sunday, February 14 Service – Scriptures referenced within this sermon – Acts 1:8; Revelation 14:7 & 11; Romans 10:15

On average we encounter 80,000  people in our lifetime and influence 10,000 of them. While this number might seem far-fetched, consider the people you make eye contact with at a grocery store, a waiter at a restaurant, and those you pass walking the beach. Each of these encounters is a God-ordained opportunity to proclaim Christ. This week we will continue our series on the Mission and Vision of Beachside Baptist. Our focus this week is on the word GO. In my study this week my heart was broken by jaw-dropping statistics of how un-evangelized the world is. Statistics from 2016 state that 51% of our area has not attended church in the last six months, and 43% used to be an active member of a church but no longer even attend church. This statistic has most likely skyrocketed due to Covid as many no longer attend church. On top of those stats, roughly 3 billion of the world population has not heard the message of Christ. 3 billion souls have no opportunity to know the God of the Bible. These stats are heartbreaking! As I sat with my head in my hands asking God what we can do at Beachside, all I kept hearing was GO!

May we not waste our life on superficial things. We must commit ourselves unreservedly to what really matters. May we turn off our television and video games and go deep into the things that matter to God.  John Piper says, “Missions exist because worship doesn’t.” If we did well in our worship of God, there would not be a single soul in our area or across this world that hasn’t encountered the beautiful story of the Gospel. Who has God put in your path that desperately needs the Good News of Jesus Christ? Make a list of those names and GO!

February 14, 2021

Mission and Vision: GO

SPEAKER: Pastor Khalil Ayoub
Mission and Vision


Mission & Vision of Beachside Baptist Church

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