August 27, 2023

James 5:12

SPEAKER: Pastor Khalil Ayoub
James 5:12


Sermon Series for the Book of James

This week we will continue our series through the book of James as we study James 5:12. James repeatedly brings up our mouths and what we say throughout his epistle. Too often we try to “add power” to our statements we say, “I swear to…” or “I swear on my…”, filling in the blank with whatever suits our purposes at that moment. For some reason, whether it is a lack of strong character or poor past actions, we feel the need to supplement our words with strong, oath-like, and binding language to emphasize our “yes” and our “no.” The true believer in Christ does not need to do this. Our lives, actions, and words must be so firmly rooted and grounded in our relationship with Christ that we have no need to express ourselves with such strong language. Our yes will be yes and our no will be no, and our actions will evidence that to those God places around us.

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