August 02, 2020

Change Starts with You – Part 2

SPEAKER: Pastor Khalil Ayoub
Nehemiah 6:1-15


Sermons taken from Nehemiah

Sunday, August 2 Service – provided online due to coronavirus social distancing. Scripture is taken from Nehemiah 6:1-15. Last week we discussed that change starts with you, and this week we continue with part two of that sermon. We left last week seeing how Nehemiah joyfully said no to money, fame, and success in order to pursue God’s calling. The Bible tells us that we need to be eager to sacrifice so that God receives the glory in all of our lives. Those sacrifices may look different in each of our lives, but they are essential.  Our Savior refused to live a life that was self-serving. Philippians 2 tells us that He emptied himself so that we may receive salvation. In order to turn the world upside down for the gospel we must emulate Christ! Nehemiah shows us how distractions, sin, and a lack of focus will keep us from fulfilling God’s calling in our lives. We are too easily influenced and we often lose sight of our heavenly calling.

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